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Yes! Church Does Matter!!!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Book Review

Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris is a well respected author and pastor who I enjoy reading. In his book, Why Church Matters, he addresses the reasons why every believer needs to be plugged into a local church and how and why they should serve. The church is more than just a building, it’s Jesus’ bride that he will return to one day. Harris calls the church a family, and the body of believers. I really appreciate that Harris measures a good church on discipline as well because so many churches forget this vital quality within the body that is described in Matthew 8. This is a very easy read, about a hundred plus pages, but it is a very useful book when contemplating and wondering about the church and it’s importance.

Useful chapters that I really appreciated was chapter 5, about choosing a church and what matters most in a church such as doctrine, leadership, and the people. Most of his questions target the gospel, which they should. Another profitable chapter 6 which is all about how to make the most out of Sunday morning. Many people just come and go in and out of church and Harris talks about things such as preparing for Sunday morning with your heart and prayer. Overall this book is a good read. It could go deeper, but it is a great introductory book on Why Church Matters.


Calling All Men

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Book Review
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David Murrow attempts to answer the question on why men hate going to church. When I first received the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, I had no idea about how much useful information I would be reading about men and church. Of course this is just one man’s thoughts on Why Men Hate Going to Church, but Murrow has some very good points addressing statistics, marketing, different types of men, and what most men like and don’t like. Some might say its stereotypical and that there is more to the issue than just how church is, but I must agree with this Murrow for the most part and his useful facts and suggestions. Murrow even relates it all the way up to the theology that is being taught in the churches and how men need to hear the Lion of Judah over the Lamb of God.

I am a young single man and even my age group is addressed. Murrow reveals the need for men and and made me want to get a group of my college buddies and go to church after we watch football next Sunday Night.

This book is a must read for pastors! Pastors should build their church with men as the groundwork. This book will be very useful with great statistics and facts on why men hate church and how a pastor can change things to bring more men in. Along with church leaders, women with husbands that don’t attend church should also read this book for great insight on how to address the issue. Two manly thumbs up!